Surfacenoun. \ərfəs\ :the outside part or uppermost layer of something (often used when describing its texture, form, or extent).

Theory: noun. \THēərē\ :a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained

 Surface Theory is committed to providing timeless high-quality finished products. Our wood is reclaimed from all over the united states. This salvaged wood is saved from landfills and given new life by our skilled team of craftsmen.

We utilize sustainable and detail-oriented processing techniques, ensuring that all of our products maintain their character.We work directly with architects, interior designers, and builders, allowing us to deliver your vision of a consistent aesthetic in both the design and in the integrity of the architectural elements in your project.

Surface Theory’s aim is to remain small so that I can be involved in every project, offering clients a highly creative, practical and ultimately personal service.

We have an extensive library of wood finishes and materials which are being constantly updated, the technical knowledge and the necessary technology, together with the assurance of many years of experience. That’s how we are able to interpret a vision into reality.

Our clients are a mix of residential and commercial. Over the years, I have worked on brand new apartments that just require Wood through to complete renovation and re-fit of period houses and mansion blocks, as well as restaurants, hotels, and a private members’ club.

Many of my clients have a well defined sense of style and don’t want to buy into a branded look. Consequently they like to be involved in the wood design process taylored to their needs. By using our resources and experience, we can make that whole process both efficient and enjoyable.