Mixed Hardwoods-Skip
Mixed Hardwoods-SkipMixed Hardwoods-Skip

Mixed Hardwoods Skip

Product Description: Mixed Hardwoods skipped flooring offers a ton of color variation and tones that complement most aesthetics.  While milling we occasionally come across other species such as Beech, Birch, Cherry, Maple and Walnut.  This classic smooth floor will give you an unforgettable modern look.  Occasional nail holes and other character speak to this material’s history.



  • Source: Vintage buildings Slated for Demolition in North Eastern USA
  • SpeciesQuercus
  • Colors: Golds, Coppers and Tans with Rich Brown and Silver Grain Highlights
  • Wear Layer: ¾” Thick = 5mm
  • Profile: Tongue and Groove
  • Thickness: 3/4″ or 5/8″
  • Widths: 3–6″ or 7–9″ Wide
  • Lengths: 2–12′ or 1-8′
  • Character: Filled Nail and Other Holes, Oxide Stains, Checks and Occasional Sound Tight Knots
  • Grade: Meets Character Grade Specifications
  • Finish: Available Unfinished or Finished in Oil or Poly
  • Engineered: available
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